Slam Dance Prep For The Knees

Therapeutic Yoga For The Knees (Isometric Extensions)

Physical Benefits : Re-aligns and reinforces the tendons above the knee-cap, strengthens the inner quadricep muscle. Increases flexibility and stability. Reduces chronic knee pain. Rehabilitates knee injuries and reduces the risk of a second one.

How To Practice :  

Phase I : Sitting instaff pose (Dandasana), place a rolled-up sticky mat or thin blanket under the knees. This will prevent any hyper-extension while contracting the quadriceps. Now slightly turn your right foot out 10 °. Identify the vastus medialis (inner quadricep muslce). Now draw the kneecap up towards the hips and hold the contraction for 10-15 seconds. Repeat on the same leg 5-10 times before changing to the left.

Phase II : Laying back on your elbows with both legs bent, extend the right leg out straight on the floor with foot flexed and toes reaching for your face. On the inhale lift the straight leg to 30 degrees making sure youengage the kneecap completely pulling it up to the groins. On the exhale let it come back down to the ground. Repeat this movement 10-15 times before changing to the left leg.

Tips :  This is really something to do on a regular basis, especially if you have issues with stability and alignment. Standing postures such as Warrior II are also excellent to strengthen and stabilize the knees when done correctly.



Keeping your knees strong and healthy is as important as brushing your teeth twice a day - no, seriously ! Here are a couple of easy, quick yet concentrated movements you can do to strengthen the quadriceps that are directly responsable for keeping your knee-caps literally on track !