Reclining hand to big toe pose : Supta Padangusthansana

Supta Padangusthansana : (Reclining hand to big toe pose)

Supine Posture

Self complimentary posture

Justification :  Ham-string stretch

Physical benefits : Better circulation in the hips, legs and feet. Aligns the pelvis. Balances the two sides of the back. Opens the hips and stretches the hamstrings, thighs, groins and calve muscles. Strengthens knee and ankle joints. Stimulates prostrate gland and abdominal organs, thus aiding in digestion. Helps recovery from cardiac condition.

Therapeutic benefits : Relieves sciatica, backpain, and helps to relieve menstrual cramps.

Removes stiffness and arthritus in hip joints and prevents hernia. Calms high blood pressure.

Limitations: Although a good pose for high blood pressure, use a blanket or brick under the head in this case. Do not practice if you have diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis, migraine or stress related headache. Do not do the variations (ex.: Parivrrta Supta Padangusthasana) during menstration.

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